Obama To Russians: Cut it Out

Obama Joins The Battle Against Russian Hacking and Fake News

Last week, President Obama gave a press conference on the issue of Russian interference in the U.S. election. The President noted that Russia hacked among other things, John Podesta’s emails and released mundane information like Mr. Podesta’s risotto recipes. The intention of this hacking and interference was to tip the election to Donald Trump.

Stop Sharing our Risotto Recipes!

Apparently, the onslaught of the release of mundane information from John Podesta’s emails by the Russians, did tip the election. The Power of Risotto! The President told the press corp before jetting off to his final golf vacation of his Presidency, that when he became aware of Russian hacking, he told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cut it out”.

Stern words indeed!

While governments, including the United States, often attempt overt and covert ways of influencing other governments’ elections, it seems this year such interference has taken on heightened importance at the White House, given the outcome. “Fake news” has also become a national emergency for Democrats and the corporate media.

We wonder what conclusions a CIA under President Trump will make about the influence of Russian interference in U.S. elections and how a President Trump will treat the corporate media who have blamed “fake news” for his election.

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