Matt Lauer To George Bush: Do You Think the Media is the Enemy of the People?

The main stream media, that Donald Trump calls the fake news media, continues to misstate the President’s quote on which media is the enemy of the people. Since Mr. Trump has been clear in referring to media outlets like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and the New York Times as “fake news”, those outlets have been the most offended by the charge and have either taken the offensive like the NY Times in their Oscar Award Ceremony “truth” TV ad or mischaracterize Mr. Trump’s statement like CNN did recently, in order to create outrage against the President.

Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today show was the most recent offender in the fake news media’s “enemy of the people” ranting. In the clip below, Lauer asks former President Bush if he ever considered the media as “the enemy of the people”, inferring that Donald Trump considers the media (vs the FAKE news media) as the enemy of the people.

Lauer’s line of questioning allows the former President to refute a statement Trump never made.


A reminder as to what Donald Trump actually said – he clearly refers to the FAKE news media as the enemy of the people:

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