Natural News Demands WAPO Retract/Apologize or Face Class Action Law Suit

It’s one thing to be told you are a hack, or purveyor of shoddy journalism or fake news, but quite another to be named as an alleged agent of a foreign power with intent to sabatoge U.S. elections.

Natural News, a news source on natural health, is demanding that the Washington Post retract and apologize for a story it published recently, that blamed Russian involvement in disrupting the US. Presidential election by spreading “fake news” while referencing a list of sites that assisted Russia in its effort.

Natural News was on that list.

The Intercept roundly criticized the Washington Post for not providing evidence that the compilers of the list (ProporNot) of alleged Russian co-conspirators were indeed “experts” in Russian Propaganda or indeed had any evidence of such collaboration of the websites on their blacklist.

Natural News also notes that the Washington Post ‘knowingly fabricated a blatantly false and defamatory story that accuses dozens of patriotic U.S. website publishers of being traitors to their own country.’ Natural news is not only demanding a retraction and an apology from the Washington Post, but is also inviting all media entities named by PropOrNot to join a defamation lawsuit.


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