Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

The fake issue of fake news get more ironic by the day. Facebook recently announced that they were going to censor fake news by employing a cadre of left wing fact checkers.

In order for fake news censoring to achieve the near impossible task of gaining and retaining credibility, the fact checkers must be viewed as impartial and have an impeccable record of objective factually correct reporting. Even with such credentials, a small group of selected fact checkers by an entity like Facebook that already has shown its political bias, face an uphill battle.

That hill just got steeper. Last week, one of the fact checkers selected by Facebook, the two person left wing biased, Snopes was caught in an embarrassing factual snafu involving charges of embezzlement and prostitution, not the types of activity that build confidence in a fact checker. Read more.

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