The Intercept Trashes The Washington Post as ‘Disgraceful’

The Washington Post article blaming “russian propaganda and fake news” for tipping the election to Trump has been taken to task by the Intercept.

In a co-authored article by Ben Norton and Glenn Greenwald, the Intercept calls out the Washington Post for promoting a list of web sites published by a web site called Prop or Not. The Intercept notes that no one at the newly formed Prop or Not site has been identified, yet the Washington Post referred to Prop or Not as “experts” without revealing any of their credentials.

The Prop or Not list of web sites that supposedly peddle “Russian Propaganda” strains credibility. Many of the sites on the Prop or Not appear to be right or left leaning sites or sites operated by former Reagan appointees (David Stockman and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts) that are critical of the current administration.

The For Prop or Not criticism of the administration easily translates to “Russian Propaganda”. The Intercept writes re Prop or Not:

The Washington Post should be very proud: it staked a major part of its news story on the unverified, untestable assertions of this laughable organization.”


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