NY Times and Washington Post “Debunk” Pizzagate

Update: BBC says Pizzagate is fake news

Wikileaks’ publication of John Podesta’s emails has revealed a series of unexplained coded language that researchers claim lead to a pedophile ring centered around a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. The alleged scandal has been dubbed “Pizzagate”. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

While the citizen researchers, who until a few days ago had been sharing their findings on a Reddit thread (since removed by Reddit), have not found a smoking gun, their research continues.

In a bizzare twist to the Pizzagate story, The New York Times and the Washington Post have dismissed the Pizzagate story. The New York Times last week called the Pizzagate research “a fake news onslaught“. Rather than an investigative piece, the New York Times piece focuses on the prevalence of “fake news” and the harm it causes. The New Yorks definitively states regarding the Pizzagate allegations: “none of it is true.”

The Washington Post ran a story “How Fake News Hurts Real People” The Washington Post story is similar to the NY Times story. Rather than concede that the Podesta emails contain some bizzare language, the Washintgon Post writes the allegations are ‘absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact‘ and concludes that those impacted by Pizzagate allegations have claims for defamation.

Rather than reporting and coming up with their own scoops through investigative journalism, the main stream media appears to be relegated to the position of debunking “fake news” and giving legal advice.

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