New York Times Takes Out Ad To Combat “Fake News” Tag, Trump Responds

New York Times Bought Television Ad That Aired During Oscar Ceremony

Soon after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump, despite the best efforts of The New York Time to prevent such an outcome, the New York Times and other main stream media outlets began the mantra that “fake news” (and the Russians) helped Donald Trump win the election. Indeed, the New York Times mentioned “fake news” incessantly in the six week period from the election to the end of December.

Even Hillary Clinton rolled out of bed one day in December to denounce the evils of fake news.

Fake news references in the New York Times were up 531% in 2016 over 2015.

Many of the alternative news outlets that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Facebook and other main stream media companies tagged with the moniker “fake news” fired back that the real fake news was coming from the main stream media companies. Alternative news media outlets created their own fake news lists that included the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS and other main stream media companies.

The term fake news, first introduced by the main stream media to characterize their alternative media competition, began to backfire so spectacularly that the New York Times and Washington Post called for a ban on using the term!

On January 11, 2017 at a press conference Donald Trump specifically called out CNN as “fake news”. Later February 16, 2017 on Donald Trump downgraded CNN to “very fake news“.

The term “fake news” had boomeranged on the main stream media.

During the Oscar awards ceremony last night the New York Times aired an an ad that attempted to portray themselves as the purveyors of truth and the President as a liar.

You can see the New York Times “Truth” commercial here.

The President’s reaction was swift and pithy:

The tables have indeed turned. Instead of eliminating alternative media by destroying them with the fake news tag, the New York Times is now spending money to defend their reputation as a “not fake news” media outlet.

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