Rolling Stone Slams Washington Post Fake News Story as Shameful and Disgusting

The war on fake news as conducted by the Washington Post has another left wing journalist crying foul. Last week, Glenn Greenwald former columnist for Salon and the Guardian, best know for his expose on U.S. surveillance based on information provided to him by Edward Snowden, trashed the Washington Post’s hit piece on “fake news” and 200 alternative media sites.

Mr Greenwald portrayed the Washington Post’s list of alternative media web sites as part of a Russian disinformation campaign as disgraceful, noting that the Washington Post did virtually no fact checking on the organization that prepared the list.

Matt Taibbi, of Rolling Stone Magazine also weighed in on the Washington Post’s “fake news” story. Mr. Taibbi, best know for his unflattering depiction of Goldman Sachs, was harsher than Mr. Greenwald. Mr. Taibbi called the Washington Post Story “shameful” and “disgusting“.

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