The Real Danger of Fake News

Fake news is nothing new. Ever since the printing press was invented, publishers have taken liberties with the truth. The recent outrage over fake news has come from the main stream media. The MSM contends that fake news is responsible for an unjust outcome in the presidential election that denied the ‘over qualified’ Hillary Clinton her rightful and pre-ordained ascension to the Presidency.

As such, the MSM insists “something must be done” and has enlisted Facebook and Google to help eradicate “fake news” by identifying it, demonetizing web sites that publish fake news and removing it from view.

Indeed, it’s not that there is more “fake news” today, it’s that fewer people are reading MSM’s versions of it. This has the MSM firing up its shrinking audience and crying “fake news!” and “Russian Propagana!” much in the same way they have been crying “racist!” and “sexist!” in an attempt to silence political opposition for well over a decade.

The latest MSM ploy has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. Many remember the MSM as cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton during the Presidential campaign of 2016 and examples of MSM complicity in fake news stories (Rathergate comes to mind).

What the MSM is really complaining about is declining relevance. To try and regain relevance they have resorted to smearing alternative media sites with a broad brush as they see them as a threat to their very existence.

The Hill, while largely defending it MSM brethren, notes that the REAL issue with fake news is “mainstream news with an agenda.”


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