Fortune: Not All Fake News is Russian Propaganda

Breaking ranks with other main stream media outlets, Fortune made an obvious observation: Not all fake news comes from Russia.

The main stream media has been blaming “fake news’ for tipping the election from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. The mountains of spurious news stories, the MSM insist, was part of a Russian directed propaganda effort to ‘install Trump in the White House“.

Many agree that fake news played a role in the election. Indeed, some Trump supporters believe that fake news pumped out incessantly by the main stream media in support of Hillary Clinton helped make the election much closer that it would otherwise have been.

Just as all Trump supporters are not racists and all anti-Clinton news is not “fake” or has Russia as its origins, perhaps one day the mainstream media will admit these obvious truths and even also recognize that not all news from Russian is fake. And that some fake news has its origins in the main stream media outlets in United States.


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