The MSM War on Fake News

Fake news is real. Fake news is simply news that has no basis in fact. News that is not factual is not news at all. Indeed, it’s fiction. There is no need to ban fake news as there is no need to ban fiction. A fake news story masquerading as real news is easily refuted by facts. Besides, the First Amendment clearly protects fake news and fiction, with very limited exceptions.

The main stream media, however, has deemed to be “fake” any news that contradicts their narrative, raises questions about existing facts or presents a different opinion. Much to the frustration of the main stream media, such examples of MSM deemed fake news are not so easily refuted by facts and therefore need to be dismissed unilaterally.

Not only does the MSM argue that fake news needs to be dismissed, but that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook should either warn their users as to the existence of fake news or eliminate it entirely from their platforms. In addition, MSM outlets like the Washington Post have presented lists of sites, prepared by third party “experts” that supposedly peddle fake news on behalf of Russia. These sites one might infer should also be banned by social media sites.

A recent editorial by Preya Samsundar published by the Hill, argues that the “Hunt for fake news is the new McCarthyism”. Ms. Samsundar argues that the current MSM hysteria over fake news is “an excuse to hunt down conservative competitors to mainstream outlets.”

Indeed, the MSM fake news furor appears to be more about regaining readership and influence than any genuine desire to bring facts back to news reporting.

READ Ms. Samsundar’s Opinion Piece

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