Washington Post – Time To Retire Term “Fake News”

Fake News Blow Back Hits Main Stream Media

Last week, on January 12, 2017, we reported that according to Rush Limbaugh, the New York Times was banning the use of the term “fake news”. Today, we learned of a story in the style section of the the Washington Post that appeared on January 8, 2017, calling for the retirement of the term fake news.

The term apparently has been co-opted and used against the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and other main stream media purveyors of some times fake news for the Washington Post’s liking. Margaret Sullivan, previously a public editor at the New York Times, writing for the Washington Post referenced uses of the term fake news by former Senator Jim DeMint, Info Wars’ Alex Jones and an “arch conservative webstite” (unnamed but linked to Stop the Take Over .org) in her recent column.

For Ms. Sullivan such use by a “tea partier”, a “conspiracy theorist” and an “arch- conservative website”, of the term fake news was enough for her to conclude the term needed to be retired. In the manner of a top PC word police officer, Ms. Sullivan declared that the word fake news needed to removed from the lexicon because it had been co-opted and become removed from its original meaning.

Perhaps, instead the term “fake news” still meets Ms. Sullivan’s definition: “deliberately constructed lies, in the form of news articles, meant to mislead the public”. Look no further than three recent fake news stories published by the Washington Post and cataloged here that arguably meet that definition.

The term “fake news” is not going away. The main stream media weaponized the term fake news and created a Frankenstein. CNN was on the receiving end of a “fake news” truth bomb last week when President- Elect Donald Trump silenced a CNN reporting by calling his organization “fake news”.

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