The Washington Post: Russia To Blame For “Fake News” Tipping Election To Trump

During the Presidential election season Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and her main stream media cohorts warned that Russia would try to “hack the election” and that Donald Trump was too close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the election, the Washington Post and other main stream media outlets blamed “fake news” as the culprit that spread lies and misinformation and helped throw the election to Donald Trump.

The Washington Post has now combined two conspiracy theories that help explain why Hillary Clinton lost – Russia AND fake news.

According to a report in the Washington Post, ‘expert’ researchers say Russia employed a “sophisticated propaganda campaign” that involved thousands of botnet, human trolls and ‘networks of web site and social media accounts” that spread “fake news” across the web with the intent of slamming Hillary Clinton and boosting Donald Trump’s candidacy.

One of the fake news stories supposedly pushed by Russia involved concerns over Hillary Clinton’s “potentially fatal health problems”.


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