How Donald Trump End Runs Main Stream Media

President-elect Donald Trump has been criticized by the main stream media for “tweeting too much”. The main stream media has also been complaining incessantly about the prevalence of “fake news”.

The underlying message the mainstream media wants to relay is that they are the relevant gatekeepers to real news.

If a story has not passed the mainstream media’s test as newsworthy, they will deem it “fake” or the product of “Russian Propaganda

Donald Trump complained through out the presidential campaign that the MSM covered him and his campaign unfairly. After his election, Donald Trump “broke protocol” and did not give the press corp advance notice of his schedule when he attended a dinner with his family.

Mr. Trump realizes that the press needs him more than he needs them. The President-elect also realizes the best way to make sure you are not misquoted is to make sure you don’t tell a reporter your point of view but to publish it your self.

Twitter has made it clear it does not like giving conservatives a platform to express their points of view. Breitbart reported that Twitter is considering booting the President-elect from Twitter if he violates their terms on service.

If Trump were to be silenced on Twitter one can expect him to appear on any number of other social media platforms, including the nascent twitter-like

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