Don Lemon Ends Segment Abrupty When Guest Calls it “Fake News”

The concept of “fake news” was invented by the main stream media in order to silence alternative media. Coupled with accusations of Russians the term fake news was intended to shut down free speech.

The NY Times used the term fake news over 100 times in December 2016 to raise awareness of the threat it posed to “our democracy”. The main stream media companies made arrangements with social media platforms to help stamp out fake news. Hillary Clinton also joined the fight against fake news.

The Washington Post publicized a list of fake news web sites that they cited as also having Russian ties. That set off counter charges by alternative media outlets calling main stream media outlets as purveying fake news.

THEN Donald Trump called out CNN as fake news and then doubled down and called CNN very fake news. The term “fake news” has stuck more to the main stream media outlets than the alternative media news sites.

This pisses off the reporters at CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times to the point of excessive justification and outright annoyance.

The fake news term has boomeranged to the point that the Washington Post wants to retire the term.

Don Lemon recently threw a hissy fit when one of his guests referred to his entire segment on the cost of protecting the president as “fake news”


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