Bloomberg Joins the Fake News Wars on the Blame Russia Side

Last week the Washington Post published a roundly criticized article contending that “fake news” emanating from Russia helped influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. The Washington Post cited an unverified source for its contention that 200 U.S. alternative media sites were disseminating “fake news” on behalf of Russia.

Ersatz economist and NY Times columnist, Paul Krugman , insisted via Twitter that “Putin and Comey had installed” Trump as President.

Enter Bloomberg

Today Bloomberg adds its voice to the main stream media’s insistence that Russia used “fake news” to influence the presidential election. In an article entitled “Russia Weaponized Social Media in U.S. Election, FireEye Says”, Bloomberg reports on the conspiracy theory that holds that the Russians upset the U.S. Presidential election through the publication of fake news.

Bloomberg’s source for this theory is FireEye, a cybersecurity company. Firefly’s chief executive office Kevin Mandia told Bloomberg that they hadn’t seen any evidence of that U.S. voting systems were hacked. The Russia involvement is meddling in the U.S. Presidential election, Firefly contends was more covert that hacking voting machines.

Firefly provided Bloomberg with a theory on Russia’s social media strategy to tip the election. Firefly contends that Russia hacked U.S. documents and disseminated them via social media. Firefly says they used “six key false hacktivist personas to advance the country’s interests, including Guccifer 2.0, DC Leaks, Anonymous Poland and Fancy Bears’ Hack Team.”

A shift in media is occurring. Just a few years ago, alternative media provided conspiracy theories and commentary on mainstream media’s coverage of news. The roles of mainstream media and alternative media are increasingly heading in opposite directions with the mainstream media concocting the conspiracy theories and the alternative media debunking them.


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