Sean Spicer Shuts out Fake News Outlets From Press Gaggle

The “Fake News” media was sent into a tizzie today when ten media outlets were prohibited from participating in a “press gaggle’ in White House Press Secretary’ Sean Spicer’s office. Excluded from the press gaggle were CNN, the New York Times, Buzz Feed, the Washington Post, The Hill, Politico, the Daily Mail, the BBC, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News.

Allowed access to Spicer’s office were alternative media news organizations Breitbart, the Washington Times, One America News Network. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, AP, Reuters, Time and Bloomberg were also invited. AP and Time boycotted the event apparently in solidarity with their main stream media bretheren being excluded.

CNN immediately express outrage issuing a statement calling the exclusion “unacceptable” and CNN’s Jake Tapper calling the move “Un American“. Reporters Without Borders claimed that the exclusion was unacceptable “in the country of the First Amendment”.

Breitbart referred to the media outrage over their exclusion as “fake news”, noting that Presidents Obama often held private briefings exclusively for “liberal media” outlets.

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