Trump Tells Breitbart News: I said FAKE Media is the Enemy of the People

President Trump Repeats: I Said Fake News Media is the Enemy of the People

Since Donald Trump has referred to the Fakes News Media in a speech at CPAC and on Twitter as the enemy of the people, the mains stream media has incessantly characterized Mr. Trump’s statement as “the media is the enemy of the people” omitting the word “fake” (eg. here and here.)

Yesterday, Donald Trump gave Breitbart News an exclusive interview. The first topic was about Donald Trump’s “Fake news is the enemy of the people” statement that the fake news media continually and intentionally omits the word “fake”:

HICKS (Breitbart reporter): “They said ‘Oh Donald Trump said the press is the enemy of the American people.’”

POTUS (Donald Trump): “Right. They take ‘fake’ media off. They say ‘the media is the enemy of—well, they didn’t say the ‘fake media.’ I didn’t say the media is the enemy—I said the ‘fake media.’ They take the word fake out and all of a sudden it’s like I’m against—there are some great reporters like you. I know some great honorable reporters who do a great job like Steve [Holland] from Reuters, others, many others. I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the fake media, where they make up everything there is to make up.”

Read Full Transcript of Breitbart’s interview with the President:

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