CBS News Declares PizzaGate “Fake News”

CBS News has joined the chorus of main stream media outlets, including the BBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times branding Pizzagate “fake news”. An attack on the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington DC was not covered as news itself but rather as the product of a “fake news” conspiracy theory known as “PizzaGate”.

Fake news, according to the main stream media, comes from Russia or alt-right racists and therefore has no validity. Russian directed fake news, the MSM contends was responsible for the ‘installing Donald Trump as President‘ in place of the ‘over qualified’ Hillary Clinton in the recent election.

To combat the scourge of fake news, CBS News has also put together a handy guide on which “fake news” web sites to avoid. As we and others have pointed out, CBS News was the purveyor of one of the most infamous fake news stories of the 21st century, a story so false and scandalous on its face that it became to be known as “Rathergate”.

The CBS News fake news list, contains some glaring omissions, corrected here.

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