Obama Complains about Fake News To Rolling Stone

Fake news continues to create vast amounts of irony. The main stream media, the Democratic Party and President (if you like your plan you can keep your plan) Obama have all complained about “fake news”.

Lost on the main stream media organizations that incessantly denounce ‘fake news’ is they are often the biggest purveyors of it. The danger of what they call “fake news” is not that it is untrue, but runs counter to the narrative they wish to be adopted. Instead of countering different points of view with valid arguments, they label stories and entire media outlets and websites as “fake”.

The intended impact of labeling such outlets and sites as “fake” is they will be discredited and their readers will flock back to main stream media where they can get “real news”. If labeling sites and stories as fake doesn’t do the trick, the main stream media will label the fake news as “Russian Propaganda”.

President Obama recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine to complain about the prevalence of fake news. Seems the President was oblivious or didn’t care that Rolling Stone published one of the biggest pieces of fake news over the past few years – the University of Virginia rape hoax.


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