Slate: Stop Calling Everything Fake News

It took years for constant overuse and inappropriate use of terms “racist” and “sexist” to lose their sting. Incessant use of the term “fake news” has already lost its sting after about a month. But that isn’t stopping main stream media outlets, spurred on by Hillary Clinton and other left wing organizations to “do something about it.

Through November, fake news references in the New York Times were up 531% in 2016 over last year.

There is factually incorrect news properly termed “fake news”, there is satire and there is news that expresses views and presents information in a manner contrary to, and often more widely read, than the main stream media’s news, which itself often contains factually incorrect information and is highly opinionated. The main stream media’s complaint appears to be mostly with the more widely read media outlets that report a contrary narrative to their own.

Will Oremus writing for Slate notes “The way to combat actual fakery in journalism is to keep the definition narrow enough that reasonable people across the political spectrum can agree on what does and does not meet the criteria.” It does not seem, however, that the main stream media is really interested in eliminating fake news, but rather silencing their right wing media competitors.

If indeed the main stream media was serious about fighting fake news, Mr. Oremus takes a sensible approach to combating fake news that starts with an admonition of “Stop Calling Everything Fake News.”


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