Deplorables Destined to Win The Fake News War With the Mainstream Media

Never argue with people who buy ink by the barrel” – Mark Twain

The Fake News War

Main stream media have picked a losing battle with alternative media in their fake war salvo. Citizen journalists and alternative “fake news” media sites vastly outnumber and outclass mainstream media forces in terms of output and readers, and in many cases, in producing quality journalism.

In addition to producing more content, the “deplorables” that create and read alternative media, out Periscope, out Youtube, out Twitter, out Facebook, out Meme mainstream media outlets, further amplifying their reach and influence.

Alternative media also has a signficant first mover advantage on, the new alternative to Twitter.

Mainstream media has picked a losing battle with the ‘deplorable’ alternative media by decrying “fake news” or “Russia propaganda” indiscriminately on sites that don’t tout the MSM narratives. If MSM wishes to win the media war and win back hearts, minds, viewers and readers, they need to engage in solid journalism with a focus on integrity and devotion to the truth, rather than to an obvious left-wing narrative.

By continuing their current path of name calling and inattention to the truth, the mainstream media is ensuring its own demise.

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