Goodbye Identity Politics, Hello Fake Russian News

From Russia, With Love

The main stream media seems to have shifted seamlessly from incessant accusations of racism, sexism, homophobic and other less than inclusive terms as a way of belittling those that disagree with their narrative to tagging political opponents as readers or purveyors of “fake news”, which in some cases they allege, comes from Russia.

Identity politics failed in the most recent Presidential election as it required too large of the segment of voters to be deemed deplorable and irredeemable to be a viable strategy. Indeed, many Trump supporters wore the “deplorable” tag with pride, further reducing the effectiveness of the attempt at name shaming.

The tagging of political opponents with the fake news/Russian influenced label by the main stream media ploy lays its hope on people’s sense of wanting the truth and not wanting to be associated with big bad Russia. The problem with this approach, however, is the main stream media itself has been caught in some major fake news whoopers. In addition, Russia is no longer the perceived mortal enemy of the United States as it was during the Cold War.

A better ploy might be to label opponents as taking their orders from ISIS, but then that would be Islamophobic.

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