Is The Ron Paul Institute Russian Propaganda? – NYET

The Washington Post recently published a hit piece on dozens of web sites as being “Russian Propaganda”. The Washington Post cited Russian propaganda “experts” Prop or Not as the source for a list of sites peddling not only fake news but propaganda from the Kremlin.

The Ron Paul Institute was one of the sites listed as peddling Russian misinformation. No specific reason was given for the inclusion of the RPI or any of the other sites on the Prop or Not list.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report published as response today. The RPLR noted the baseless generalized claims made by Prop or Not and endorsed by the Washington Post. The RPLR says this is not the first time the RPI has been under attack and expects such attacks to continue. The RPLR believes that the accusations of Russian influence are main stream media attempts to shift blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss in an electoral landslide to Donald Trump.


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