Twelve Main Stream Media Fake News Stories

Breitbart’s 12 Main Stream Media Fake News Stories

As the alternative media and main stream media battle to tar each other with the title of ‘fake news’ purveyors, Breitbart (tagged by the MSM as a “fake news site) enters the fray with its list of 12 MSM fake news stories.

Breitbart digs deep into the archives to pull some MSM whoppers including Rathergate (the reporting by CBS anchor Dan Rather of falsified documents relating to George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service. Mr. Rather has insisted that while the documents may have been fake, the story was real.), the Adventures of Brian Williams (Mr. Williams insisted he came under enemy sniper fire in Iraq, when he didn’t – like Ms. Clinton’s claim of false claim of ‘sniper fire’ in Bosnia) and The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax.

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